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Fresh, delicious and healthy treats delivered right to your door every month!


Custom Gift Baskets

Has your best friend welcomed a new foal or a litter of puppies? Want to congratulate someone on their new acquisition? Sneak-e-Snacks can customize your special basket for any occasion!

Peanut Budders All Natural Dog Treats

no sugar added • love in a snack

Sneak-e-Snacks Original All Natural Horse Treats

Handmade in Marion County, Florida!


Peanut Budders All Natural Dog Treats

Love in a snack for our canine friends and they’re 100% natural!

Medicine Delivery Treats

Sneak-e-Snacks RAW are the best and easiest way to give your horse their medications!

Sneak-e-Snacks all natural horse treats are freshly handmade in Ocala, Florida. Whether you treat for your heart or to aid in training, these scrumptious treats come highly recommended by horses and dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. And while it may not surprise you to learn that donkeys and other long-eared critters also love our horse treats, we have discovered that they are also enjoyed by goats, cows, dogs and even rabbits. Natural, nutritious and delicious, we take pride in our products and offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied. If showing is your passion, try our Show Safe Sneak-e-Snacks!