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Shop now homemade all natural Dogs treats and healthy snacks for your Dogs with including all the needed natural ingredients from our online store.

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We only offer ONE flavor of dog treats. Peanut butter. Made with 6 premium ingredients. No added refined sugars.

Monthly auto-ship option. A Convenient way to insure you never run out of treats.

It is really great to be prepared with a variety of delicious dog treats when it's time to reward your dog or just to show your love for being such a loyal friend. At Sneak-e-Snacks, we have treats that are the best way to keep dogs engaged, involved and happy. Our dog treats are 100% natural with nothing unnatural added.

Why Should You Buy Our Dog Treats?

All our natural treats are a good way to give your dogs the added nutrients he needs to keep healthy. They are a good way to reward your dog. Our prime purpose is to strengthen the relationship between you and your pets, to make a better experience and more fun. We do everything we can to ensure that you get the best quality treats you expect, the best prices and the service you deserve.

We are focused on making the best products for our beloved pets. Innovation, empathy, safety and value drivers our dog treat products design. Dog treats come in resealable packaging which maintains freshness of the product.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy dog treat and snacks right now.