Safe and perfect for IR and Cushing’s horses!

CinnamonSnS15_0022PRICE NOW INCLUDES SHIPPING! MADE IN THE USA and 100% all natural, these healthy treats are completely safe for Insulin Resistant (IR) affected horses and those with Cushing’s Disease. They offer the wonderful benefits of CINNAMON—which lowers cholesterol and blood sugar levels, increases insulin production, has an anti-clotting effect on the blood, relieves arthritis pain, boosts cognitive function and memory, fights bacteria and fungus, helps stabilize blood sugar and promotes a healthy immune system!

INGREDIENTS: Flax seed, plain shredded beet pulp, 100% pure ground cinnamon, mineral oil, water, sodium propionate (salt). GUARANTEED ANALYSIS: Crude Protein, min. 13.68%; Crude Fat, min. 19.75%; Crude Fiber, max 12.8%; Moisture, max 33.79%; Carbohydrates 29.4%, Simple sugars (glucose & fructose) 2.67%, TDN (total digestible nutrients) 87.52%. All snacks are dated for freshness.


LARGE (4 lb/13 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats


TWO (2) LARGE (4 lb/13 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats


MEDIUM (3 lb/3 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats


TWO (2) MEDIUM (3 lb/3 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats


SMALL (1 lb/10 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats


TWO (2) SMALL (1 lb/10 oz) Sneak-e-Snacks Cinnamon Treats