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Treat Responsibly

FeedingTreatsSnackPack-03Can you ever have too much of a good thing? Why OF COURSE! On this page we will try to address a few of your concerns and answer your questions about Sneak-e-Snacks. If you have a question, please e-mail us and we will post your answer here.

Q: How many treats can I feed my horse per day?

A: As many as he can eat or you can afford! These treats are all natural, delicious and nutritious. But seriously, folks, you wouldn’t feed your children granola bars and nothing else, so please don’t consider Sneak-e-Snacks a replacement for a good, well balanced feeding regimen. They are a great reward for positive reinforcement or to tell your horses you love them.

Q: My horse is Insulin Resistant, should he be eating Sneak-e-Snacks?

Dogs love them too!

A: Insulin Resistance is a hormonal disorder that most commonly occurs in horses with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS) and in horses with Cushing’s disease (pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction, PPID). You can read more about this HERE. This is the equine version of Type II Diabetes in humans. Therefore, you should monitor the intake of sugar and starch to keep your horse comfortable and as healthy as possible. Original Sneak-e-Snacks are not a low sugar treat, therefore you should consult your veterinarian about how much or how many Sneak-e-Snacks your horse should (or shouldn’t) have. But there is GREAT news for you and your IR horse—New CINNAMON Sneak-e-Snacks are now here! Completely safe for IR and Cushing’s sufferers, these tasty treats offer all the wonderful benefits of cinnamon, including increasing insulin production, arthritis pain relief, and many other important benefits.

Q: Can I feed Sneak-e-Snacks to my other pets?

A: Yes, we have found that goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, dogs and even bunnies love Sneak-e-Snacks! However, if you have a pet with a special diet, please consult with your vet.